There are always short term corporate projects and other business videos for Fortune 500 clients. The following are a mixed bag of projects.

For my second year, I’ve been contracted for EarthDayTX 2017 and the EARTHxFilm Festival social media videos. It is the largest Earth Day celebration in the world, located on the Texas State Fair grounds in Dallas. I worked on several looping videos that played throughout the EarthxFilm Festival events.


I also edited a short biography film on “Pancho” Medrano, a revered union organizer, voice for women and hispanic workers across the U.S. and a supporter and promoter of the people’s right to vote.


The following are works in progress.

John Kizell copy

John Kizell was taken from his home in Sierra Leone in the early 1800s, shipped to Charleston, South Carolina and was sold at auction as a slave. He eventually was able to return to his homeland and fought against slavery. This documentary is based on the book, The African-American Odyssey of John Kizell by Kevin G. Lowther who served as a Peace Corps teacher in Sierra Leone in the 1960s.


WELCOME TO MY NEIGHBORHOOD (documentary) starts with a buggy ride down a quaint and largely unknown section of Dallas and ends with all the sidewalk banter, frenetic activity and congestion of a mile-long urban phenomenon. So how did we get here? And what were the toils along the way? Allen Mondell and his daughter, Fonya are showing the destruction and re-development of their won neighborhood. It reflects a process being repeated in urban areas throughout the United States.



Cynthia Salzman Mondell is gathering funding for the feature length production of SOLE SISTERS. There are promos and short clips from this production available, but the full production will be edited when the funding is in place. Watch a short trailer below.

Screen Shot 2012-03-02 at 7.07.07 PM

From her first wobbly steps in baby shoes, to a sassy strut in new red stiletto heels, to a slow shuffle in worn bedroom slippers, SOLE SISTERS will journey through the different stages of a woman's life in a feature-length documentary. It has been produced as a play in a workshop and continues to be developed. Now you can be part of this project. Join forces with award-winning filmmaker Cynthia Salzman Mondell of Media Projects as she collects women’s stories and mounts the financial campaign to finish her SOLE SISTERS film project. 


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