Many of the early models of non-linear editing equipment were short-lived and faded from the scene.  One of the earliest was the AVID around 1989.  In the mid to late 90s Apple decided to purchase a product that had started out under a different name and finally released it as Final Cut Pro in 1999.  There are other editing tools on the market.  With current developments, Adobe's Premiere Pro continues to gain ground with professional post production houses.

Phil Allen has been using Apple's Final Cut Pro since it was introduced in 1999, including the latest version, Final Cut Pro X. As the development of these NLEs continue they seem to be ideal for different situations.  If you are just learning, Final Cut is a great place to start, but it would be best to learn other systems. Get a working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and consider trying others like Sony Vegas, Grass Valley's EDIUS program or EditShare's Lightworks software. The feature film industry seems to focus on AVID Media Composer.

Remember, editing systems are tools of the trade like a hammer is to a carpenter, learn how to use them. When you are in charge, you can always choose the one you prefer.

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